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What if the only purpose in Life was to experience the Joy of having a gorgeous body, a brilliant mind and feeling LOVE?

What if ease and lightness and fun were our main driver in life?

What if our relationships didn't have to be complicated, heavy, dark or dramatic?

What if... what else would you be opening up yourself to?


I invite you to start an amazing journey towards who you truly are by allowing yourself to just BE.

The LOVE Method is a phenomenal modality which will help you destress, then step into your powers, settle your mental chatter, release you from the burden of intricate painful and confusing relationships, reprogram your subconscious mind for success (your success) with the sole aim to allow you to shine from within.

My name is Selena Ardelean, your igniter of sparkles, your enhancer of Light, a tool, a channel, a listening ear and a fantastic joy partner. If you're in love with your story, you might not want to be coming to me, because I am in love with YOU, gorgeous being. Your story it's not you.

If you're ready for that subtle sustainable change in your life that would free you from your cramping reality, it is my honour and my delightful joy to be your coach on this amazing journey towards your essence. Let's Open the Vortex of Life Energy together and see... what else is possible?

Shine on!

The LOVE Method CORE Module
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The LOVE Method Coach
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Creator of SHINE, Igniter of Sparkles, enhancer of Light (mentoring, coaching, training, public speaking, author)
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Accesss Consciousness Bars Facilitator-Body Process Practitioner