Four Day Workshop: Core Module

The Core Module is the workshop during which you learn the whole LOVE Method. In four days you receive all the tools to de-stress your life in the most profound way.
Go for lasting results on a personal level, in your relationships and for your health! 

As a preparation for the Core Module you attend the Workshop on De-stressing, live or online.
If you want to follow it online, please fill out your details at the left to receive the online Introduction De-stressing in your mailbox.

"These four days are the most beautiful present I have ever given myself."
-- Reaction of a participant on 2/20/2018


  • How to recognise and dismantle stress behaviour
  • Q & A about The ABCs of De-stressing
  • Why what we believe is creating our life: unravelling the workings of subconscious beliefs and patterns
  • Achieving what you really want. How to activate supportive programs in the subconscious: presentation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • The crucial role love plays in the process of de-stressing and reprogramming


  • Dismantling bad habits and installing self-reinforcing thought
  • Selecting the most effective tool of change
  • How to dismantle disturbing patterns: explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion


  • Ethical surrogation: explanation, demo, practice
  • Clarifying and deepening relationships with family, friends, colleagues and with yourself
  • Tools to recognize destructive relationship patterns and how to change these
  • Clarifying relationships: explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • Deepening relationships for a specific outcome, such as peace in the relation, deeper connection, being able to let go, working flexibly together, open communications...


  • How to apply The LOVE Method in different situations
  • How you can better recognize your blockages and subconscious programs and get the best out of what you have learned here
  • Where do you find inspiration and sources to deepen the transformations? How to work with ‘lists’ that can be helpful in your process: from books, from the Internet, from spiritual traditions, your own ideas... Explanation, demonstration, working in pairs, feedback and discussion
  • I am able to accomplish much more than I thought I would! Integration of all that you learned


Saturday, November 17th - Tuesday, November 20th 2018
CC Ter Dilft, Sint-Amandsesteenweg 41-43, 2880 Bornem 

Please contact us or register through the form below
If you are using a wheelchair or you need any facilities, please contact us so we can provide for the best.

One can only attend the workshop by participating the four days.
The workshop price is €175 per day, which is € 700 for the four days.
People who already assisted two workshops with Marina, pay €300 for the four days.
People younger than 25 come half price.
Social rates are offered for people with a lower income, please contact us if that is the case.

At the workshops that take place in Pellenberg you can register for a vegetarian sandwich with soup for €10.
Previous workshops with dr. Marina
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About the Core Module:

The four-day workshop of The LOVE Method opened a new world for me. A world in which I felt connected with my deepest convictions and desires, and especially with all the people around me. What you get is a method rife with external sources which all serve the same purpose: to open your channel to love. During the four days you are given the key, but if you don’t open the door yourself, it will remain closed.
I am especially happy that Marina provides so many different ways with her method that a person can use by herself. It feels so good to take your life into your own hands and tackle what is needed. Without any pain, just loving attention.
I’d recommend this method to everyone who is prepared to look at themselves, at their lives from another, loving point of view. Here also the proof of the pudding is in the eating! (L.V.)

Four months after the Core Module: 

In the month of June I followed the LOVE Method in Leuven (Belgium) and I am still very happy about it.
Just one little example: For years I have noticed that I often wake up with my hands clenched into fists. And, all of a sudden, after the LOVE Method, I noticed I had stopped doing that. Both my hands were relaxed. And even more, that during the day my hands spontaneously touched each other. Am really happy about that. (C.C.)