Four Day Core Module



Friday, November 10 - Monday, November 13
London, Paddington Arts Centre, 32 Woodfield Road
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For London, this are the prices:
People who already attended two workshops with Marina in the past can join the Core Module for £310. The workshop price is £155 per day, which is £620 for the four days. One can only attend the workshop by participating the four days. People younger than 25 come half price. Social rates are offered for people with a low income (for singles earning under £1150 a month; couples under £2300). We kindly ask you to contact us if that is the case.
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Tuesday, January 23 - Friday, January 26
Hong Kong, Wan Chai, 3 Lockhart Road

     Course Fee (including lecture notes)

     Enrolment: up to 40
     Deadline of application: 31 Dec 2017

     Complete the course application form with the following information – Course code: NM1G, Course title
     LOVE METHOD workshop, together with the course fee payment record (refer to the application form)
     and email to HKAN office. Download the Application Form

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During the Core Module, you practice, learn from each other’s experiences, and become inspired by the experiences of others. The live Core Module is only possible as a four-day workshop.

If it is impossible for you to free yourself for four days, you can do the Core Module online at your own pace, as soon as the extended website is online. If you want to get a message as soon as this is possible, please fill out your details at the left.

The Introduction Day is to be done live or online as a preparation of the Core Module. If you want to prepare for it by looking at the Introduction Day online, you can fill out your details at the left and contact us through the contact form to receive the link and the worksheets.


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  • How you can better recognize and dismantle stress behavior
  • The Law of Attraction. Unraveling the workings of subconscious programs and patterns
  • Achieving what you really want. How to activate supportive programs in the subconscious
  • The crucial role love plays in the process of de-stressing and reprogramming


  • Recognizing disturbing subconscious patterns
  • Installing self-reinforcing thought
  • Selecting the most effective tool of change
  • How to dismantle disturbing patterns: explanation, demo, practice and feedback


  • Ethical surrogation: explanation, demo, practice
  • Clarifying and deepening relationships with family, friends, colleagues and with yourself
  • Tools to recognize destructive relationship patterns and how to change these
  • Clarifying relationships: explanation, demo, practice and feedback
  • Deepening relationships for a specific outcome, such as peace in the relation, deeper connection, being able to let go, working flexibly together, open communications...


  • For which situations can you use The LOVE Method?
  • How can you better recognize your own blockages and subconscious programs? How can you get the best out of what you have learned here?
  • Where do you find inspiration and sources to deepen the transformations? How to work with ‘lists’ that can be helpful in your process: from books, from the Internet, from spiritual traditions, your own ideas...
  • “I am able to accomplish much more than I thought I would!” Integration of all that you learned

You can download the schedule for the workshop here:

The workshop price is €175 per day, which is € 700 for the four days. People who already assisted two workshops with Marina, pay €300 for the four days.
At the workshops that take place in Pellenberg you can register for a vegetarian sandwich with soup for €10.
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