I think the most valuable part of the workshop is the provision of a very simple and yet powerful standardized method to tap into the subconscious, to make connections of the two sides brain and to verify by a simple test (muscle testing). I can appreciate that in developing this method, Marina has done extensive research and trials with clients. Hence the method is a distillation of many methodologies to make every word in the protocol counts.

Marina also provides us with a very detailed reference list in case we want to further study the topics in details.  

I am most impressed also by the extensive knowledge of Marina in various psychological and behavioural theories in support of her method and practice. She also drew upon case studies that she encountered to illustrate the points she wanted to make and hence the method becomes very practical.

The modular design makes it very versatile in that I can remember the core elements and add in components that I like for each person according to my intuition. That is a super design. Flexible and yet having a framework to follow to facilitate implementation.

In addition, the folder and the cardboards are beautifully made and printed. I have my card boards laminated for ease of use when I practice the method for myself and others.

Marina has shown herself to be a very compassionate and caring teacher, answering each student’s question with patience and details according to each need.

There was ample practice time between the students. The demonstration was very clear.  The atmosphere during the workshop has been very interactive and I felt very fulfilled after each day of the training.

Overall, this workshop is outstanding and far exceeds my expectation. Many people talk about neuroplasticity and stress reduction and the like, but to put it in such a structured way with strong theoretical support that is easy to practice, Marina is certainly a fore-runner in this new but highly demanded and important field. I would highly recommend everybody living in modern days experiencing any form of stress to be benefited with this method in one way or another.

Dr. Andrew Wong, Consultant in medicine, Hong Kong

There are profound changes in the way in which I am doing my therapeutic work.
I have always been good at distilling the best or the essence from a method and then doing my own job with it. From the LOVE Method you do not have to distil anything, it is a compact and efficient whole that works with everyone.


The LOVE Method strengthened my belief of thinking more about myself by discovering and understanding several excuses of the subconscious. This allowed me to be quite frank with my friend, because I decided things could not go on like this any further. In one night we have succeeded in changing her so that she can express her feelings more than ever before. No more behaviour of ‘old couple’ in which the drag of daily life is supporting the relationship but love that is shown and experienced. The children are impressed, because they are seeing and feeling the difference. This is quite a breakthrough in the family.


For a couple of years I have had tinnitus or buzzing in the ears. Tinnitus causes stress and stress aggravates tinnitus and so a vicious circle was created. By applying 'The ABCs of De-stressing' to my tinnitus, the stress has gone.
The tinnitus is still there, but because the stress has gone, it is felt less strongly than before.
This makes this condition a lot more bearable.


Thanks to the LOVE Method my son has been able to finish his Master’s Thesis (last year law studies) in time. Writing his Master’s Thesis gave him a lot of stress. Two days before the deadline the stress level was so high that he could not cope with it any longer. There was stress and uncertainty all over. He was panicking, he could not concentrate any longer, and he started doubting everything he had already written, including himself. He even wanted to stop writing his present Master’s Thesis and start a new topic for the next examination session.

Fortunately he wanted to try ‘The ABCs of De-stressing’. As a result he found his peace again. Then we did a connecting process in which he concentrated on what he really liked: writing an excellent Master’s Thesis within the time proposed. After this he could concentrate again quite well, continue working with new courage and so finish his Master’s Thesis in time. Relief and gratitude: Phew! Yeah! Thank you so much!


Since the private session of last Thursday I can feel a big difference. There is some lightness in me that I have never felt before. Heavenly… Also my body is feeling much more freely… heavenly.


Since my childhood I have been coping with hyperventilation. Often I had to go to the hospital because the onlookers did not know how to deal with it adequately. Although I have gradually learned how to control the level of seriousness, it was difficult to cope with. During the Core Module of the LOVE Method an exercise provoked hyperventilation again. Marina helped me into DNA string and asked the assistant to lead me through 'The ABCs of De-stressing'. Later in the exercises I felt very moved again. Tears kept running down my cheeks but there was no more hyperventilation. It was very nice to be able just to cry, just like that. Afterwards I realised that safety had made the difference, which was brought on by 'The ABCs'.


Last week we met a woman who used to wake up in the middle of the night with intercostal pain. The two of us have guided her through the LOVE Method. During 'The ABCs of De-stressing' she had even more pain (in the complete left side of her body), but she continued and felt the change. After some more LOVE Method connecting processes the pain had gone. What a metamorphosis!


During the training in the LOVE Method we learned how to clarify relationships. I was following the training together with my oldest son and daughter. During the training I clarified the relationship with them. This caused a feeling of liberation. During the next days of the training I felt that especially my son did no longer ask approval for the things he had to do. He did not claim me so much, he was more independent and certain of himself.
In the evening we went to see my mother. She has not followed the training, she is 88 years old, clear of mind but not so strong of movement anymore and she cannot hear and see very well. My son volunteered to assist us in guiding the connecting process. This was very emotional both for myself and my mother and my two children, who were also present. They were moved by the words that were spoken between us. My son was testing (as an assistant) my mother both at the beginning and at the end of the process and he clearly noticed the difference in strength. This was a nice experience for the four of us.


I was very inspired by the Introduction De-stressing I recently took part in. The fact that we can share with others what we learned that day I find very beautiful. Why would we keep such a beautiful and powerful method for ourselves...

During the landing of the aeroplane I got an extremely heavy pain in my right ear. The tears dropped out of my eyes because of the pain. I did 'The ABCs of De-stressing' with the goal that the self healing capacity of my body would do what is necessary to stop the pain. Immediately there was a warm flow of blood to the ear and the pain went away without anything. I found this miraculous.


J.V. (55), after six weeks of using The LOVE Method, wrote:

In my experience, LOVE Method is a surprising and deeply touching method that lets us remember and experience reality: the fact that we already were connected to start with. It opens my connection with my own core, the people around me, and my life energy further and further. And... it is a privilege to share this with others.

It is hard to overestimate what The LOVE Method has already meant to me in these past few weeks.

Since The LOVE Method I have started to trust muscle testing more deeply. It allows for a clear inner exploration after limiting programs.

It is such a profound change that I experience that sometimes it is hard to distinguish which connection of The LOVE Method processes is doing what.
That The LOVE Method is very effective is obvious.

Repeatedly going to a place where you experience love in the beginning and the end of a LOVE Method connection process, and thanking for the change, puts the process right into my heart. The LOVE Method is so close to me, and feels so accessible!

Immediately after the LOVE Method Core Module I ended a professional relationship that had lasted for years and that did not work for me anymore.
Since then, I have started to ground myself in my own core for the first time. I learn to connect myself to my own life stream.

Here ‘The ABCs of De-Stressing’ is indispensable.

Using this process I have started to stand on my own feet indeed. The second day after the Core Module I experienced a significant block in trusting my own judgment. I have taken that situation and did  'The ABCs of De-stressing'. The process continued until my inner state was completely freed up (after that, I ‘Reset the Pattern’).

What makes ‘The ABCs of De-Stressing’ – and all other connection processes in The LOVE Method, for that matter – so special is that the sentence "This WHOLE person NOW creates ALL the connections” creates an “unavoidability" (Marina calls this ‘performative’) that allows, on every, including the conscious, level, full confidence and action.

More and more I experience how deep it is that ‘The ABCs of De-Stressing’ works. It does transform the stress fully indeed. The subconscious has no other option than to continue its task until it is fully done.

It works for massive, for moderate, and likewise also for very subtle, almost unnoticeable, hidden, varieties of stress. Wherever anything (if ‘only a little’) seems to inhibit the life stream, ‘The ABCs’ provides renewed movement…

The Clarification of the Relationship’ is very impressive. Especially the Clarification with my parents has been very fruitful. I also did a Clarification with the colleague I mentioned earlier. One of the sentences is “I end all disturbing behavior”. That apparently meant ending the relationship!

With The LOVE Method I have already reset many patterns in my life. ‘Resetting Patterns is one of my favorite LOVE Method connection processes.
Using this with myself and others I experience how deeply it works. Mapping out the pattern provides great insight. After that, you just integrate the new pattern in every single cell in your body!

Since I am using the The LOVE Method I know my own definition of love. It is: Living a Connected Life. Connection has come alive for me indeed, both as the name of the LOVE Method Process and in its effect. What a wonderful language!

We experience deepened connection, my girlfriend, my children, and other family members. Here ‘The ABCs’ helps a lot to let whatever does not flow to directly get into a beautiful stream… I also experience deep connection with myself.

Working with others is a blessing, and very moving. Offering sessions with The LOVE Method is a gift for the client… A few examples:

  • A client transcended his emotions and now started to see his child, also in what it needed. That insight came spontaneously immediately following a ‘Reset Pattern Through Remembering’…
  • Another client transcended her tendency for sweets, and transformed all pain about the consequences of her previous behavior. It was a very moving session. She is now sharing the virtual absence of these impulses…
  • With yet another client we integrated the list ‘The Basics’ and did ‘Clarifications of Relationship’ within one session. She came in with deep fears, and is feeling much better now…


For me the LOVE Method has become the tool of choice to live life more and more fully and to share this with others.
This is Living Life in Connection. I am so glad.
I go to a place in my body where I feel love and thank for these beautiful changes.

Dear Marina, thank you so much that you put this into the world. I feel like learning a lot more from you.

'What is The LOVE Method?' According to people who attended the Core module:

Love is Life in connection. But how can you realise this in your daily life? With the LOVE Method you will more deeply experience that Love is connecting everything. Your stress is being transformed into a life that is more and more an expression of who you are.

Relationships become clearer, you reach your objectives more effectively and more easily. You experience love, health and abundance, in peace with yourself and others.

Such changes you will experience in your personal sessions with the LOVE Method, in the workshops and in your daily life.

The LOVE Method is the bridge to living in love: a bridge between knowing what you want and being able to achieve it. It is also the bridge to feeling what you really want.

The LOVE Method is simple and ready to use. The results are permanent!

In the LOVE Method Core Module you learn how to assist yourself and others in the process so that you can apply it in your daily life and in your private practice.


The LOVE Method is

  • a way to remove stress very quickly,
  • a way to change quickly and effectively conscious and subconscious beliefs that are bothering you into supportive ones,
  • a way to quickly find out, if necessary, which subconscious beliefs are impeding your health or happiness or destination and to change all this.

All this is happening in the framework of going on looking at life with love, and going on learning in life with love.


The LOVE Method is part of my daily life: I am carrying out connecting processes for physical pain, stress or obstruction and when transforming impeding beliefs and patterns. In doing so I find myself different in life.

What is different: I seem to have more inner peace, supporting power and mildness – or should I say love – towards myself. This is because thanks to the LOVE Method I have the capacity of changing every (little) obstacle into a stepping stone towards more balance/wholeness. Formerly I was quite easily upset and stuck by misfortune or a situation that I experienced as difficult.

Because I can use the LOVE Method myself and do not have to call in someone else, I have become alert to every impeding belief or thought that is passing through my mind and I can with some creativity transform it into a supportive alternative.

Whenever I threaten to be discouraged by the failing of a (direct) result of a process of connection, I am going to search - in a curious  and not condemning way - for possible other connecting processes or levels that could have to do with the situation.

So, summarising this in one sentence, by the many LOVE Method connecting processes that I have done for myself and that I have experienced, I have become less judging, more ready to put things into perspective and more dynamic and free in life.

The speed and simplicity of the method stimulates and motivates me to open again and again my personal border – that I had set myself in the past – and to go and look for my best self and for another thing to deal with my limitations with mildness and lightness by realising that I have often created these for myself and that I therefore can solve them myself.

Because my shadow became less threatening by this, it is easier to embrace and ‘lighten it up’ and so reach more wholeness.

I am no longer lived, but I live and create my own life and I choose more and more for the loving version. And I LOVE it :-)


The LOVE Method is for me a practically useful and powerful method of resetting ‘dead weight’ that is no longer useful in your system so that you can look again at life with a renewed and fresh view.


Feeling the flow of love and being completely in stress do not go together. So, using this method, people can very easily feel whether this love is flowing or not and so detecting oneself becomes more easy.

I find it a great advantage that the LOVE Method connecting processes are feeling so complete and are going much more quickly than I have learned in any other method. In one session I can do much more now, so that it is also more affordable for clients.


The LOVE Method ensures that the universal, always present energy of LOVE is optimally flowing through our system again.

When we are completely connected with this universal love, with ourselves and with the self of the other one, we can live peacefully, freely and completely. Then both our hemispheres are completely connected and we experience ourselves and everything around us as loving.

As soon as we are in stress, both our hemispheres are no longer connected. So we will lose the control of consciousness and our subconscious will take over power.

With the LOVE Method we dispose of an instrument to quickly connect both hemispheres again. And so stress will disappear and we can live again in quiet and peace.

The subconscious is a database of all our experiences of life and also the executive power. It is working about one million times faster than our conscious mind.

Impeding beliefs that are stored in our subconscious will make our brain disconnected, which is why we enter into a ‘stress mode’.

With the LOVE Method you have a tool at your disposal to reprogram your subconscious and to optimally connect your brain again. And this happens very fast, because the subconscious is working one million times faster!

So you can attract a completely different reality.

Kinesiology or muscle-testing is used within the LOVE Method as an instrument for communicating with your subconscious. And also for testing if your brain is connected.


It is a kind of training and it teaches you how you can get rid of stress and dispose of impeding beliefs and replace them with desired beliefs. In fact you will learn how you can programme your subconscious, and also the scientific explanation behind it. All this will start from love, because that is the essence of our existence.

It offers me the possibility  of working at myself. Whenever there is a problem or something does not go as I would like, I can change that. Whenever I find myself in stress, I can immediately get rid of it and I do not have to stay with that stress. It offers a number of opportunities and there are no obligations and in fact you cannot do anything wrong.


The LOVE Method is a simple and very powerful way of bringing changes in someone’s life by means of programming the subconscious.

It has helped me come closer to myself and it has enriched and eased my life.

I am feeling more quiet and more sure of myself.


Thanks to the LOVE Method I know what I can do in order to deal with stressful and difficult situations, which gives me peace. Although a lot of work is still to be done, with the tools of the LOVE Method I can work out my future full of confidence.

I received a wonderful ‘cookery book’ with clear, simple and workable ‘recipes’.

The LOVE Method is a wonderful present, for myself and for others! Without ‘The ABCs of De-Stressing’ my son would not have been able to finish his Master’s thesis in time. I am so glad that I could help him with it in this way. The deadline is today, there was a lot of stress, uncertainty,… Everything went well, phew! Yeah! Thanks!


The LOVE Method is a powerful way of transforming stress into peace and concentration very quickly.
Stress means both exaggerated unrest, agitation, nasty feelings like fear and sadness, pain.
By adopting a certain attitude in combination with positive beliefs a person can quickly come into contact with him/herself again.
The most important thing is that this method has a lasting positive effect on the brain and that one experiences a growing better feeling of life.


It is a simple way of coming into contact with your inner peace, love and joy. So you can adjust things that are not so good in your life. Whenever you experience stress, you can bring yourself into balance with a simple exercise.

Almost automatically you will become aware of the mind patterns and beliefs that you still have in yourself and that in fact you do no longer need. You will learn how you can transform these into ‘serving (yourself and life)’ beliefs.

The result: you feel yourself more whole and in line with the bigger Whole!
It is as if you are suddenly pressing the button ‘spring-cleaning’.
What do I need to be a fully healthy, happy and free person?
Whatever you do no longer need will disappear or is being recycled into something better.

Thank you so much!


The LOVE Method is a well-designed system you can use yourself to simply find out if for example a thought, a belief, a situation or something else creates a stress reaction in a conscious or subconscious way.
Not only does this method offer you a system of stress detection, for every occurring situation there is a de-stressing process that you can use yourself.
This makes the LOVE Method so exceptional and efficient.
Whenever your left and right hemispheres are not in connection, we say that your system is in stress. In other words, if only one hemisphere is working in order to deal with a situation, I call this 'unfriendly use of your brain'-stress.
The LOVE Method offers you far better and more loving processes by which you can immediately start working with a 'connected brain'. Carrying out a task or dealing with a problem or situation with a connected brain is incomparably better than using your brain in stress.

The Core Module has shown me what ‘being in relationship’ means and to my surprise that loyalty can be a system that does not really work for you but against you.

Moreover, there are more profound changes in the way in which I am doing my therapeutic work.
I have always been good at distilling the best or the essence from a method and then doing my own job with it. From the LOVE Method you do not have to distil anything, it is a compact and efficient whole that works with everyone.

And I want to share something more exceptional.
Today in my practice I had a lady who has several horses, and she follows a kind of therapy using the horses, all energetic and beautiful. There is one horse that she had bought six months ago, but that she can no longer come into contact with, no touching, nothing at all. She told me that something must have happened to that horse, to explain this behaviour. In short, this horse must have problems. After dealing with her personal issue, I suggested that I should de-stress the horse with the LOVE Method without having seen the horse at all.
So many times I have been able to change situations indirectly and always with a very good result, but never before with animals. She sent me these messages and video today.

Thank you, LOVE Method.