Welcome to The LOVE Method

The LOVE Method is a very powerful instrument to easily and effectively remove all sorts of stress, and to live a loving life with yourself, your surroundings, and with the circumstances in your life.

We know that stress creates health and relationship problems, at home and at work. Stress includes all manner of irritation, fear, disappointment, anger, and also solitude and isolation.

Neuroscience teaches us that we can only be at peace when both parts of our brain are working well together: then we have a ‘brain in sync’. When both hemispheres are not well connected, our brain is in stress. As a consequence, our immune system is suppressed. We have difficulty in concentrating and we don’t really like ourselves or others. Consequently, we do not behave as we would if we had the ability to make choices freely without the impediment of stress.

We are happy to present to you a way to overcome stress and to resolve any problems that hinder you from having the life you want. The LOVE Method disolves stress by unifying your two brain hemispheres and by reprogramming your subconscious. Learning its methods allows you to transform burdensome patterns and relationships into sustaining, uplifting ones. In any area of your life – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, at home or outside.


Chronic bad temper, constant irritability, perfectionism, fear and anxiety, a compulsion to be always in control, thinking that other people are stupid and inefficient, poor work relations, inability to connect with others, in constant and futile search for loving relationships, loneliness, fear of rejection, insecurity, stuck in a destructive relationship, negative view of life, feeling dysfunctional, low energy, lack of concentration, feeling overworked or burnt out, always pressured for time, fear of failure, dyslexia, being poor at languages or math, constant headaches, proneness to injury or accidents, difficulty in conceiving, poor nutrition behavior, insomnia, persistent lack of money, having desires but being unable to fulfill them, a nagging feeling that life is against you...


The LOVE Method enables you to experience how easy it is to resolve your problems in a sustainable manner. Because the LOVE Method works on the subconscious to bring both hemispheres in connection, short and long term results are achieved. Problems are dissolved, allowing you to move in the direction of your true desires for your life. The LOVE Method results in love, health and abundance, peace in yourself and with others.

The LOVE Method is easy and user-friendly. It empowers you to work on your subconscious yourself and with others. In addition, the LOVE Method removes the necessity of reliving or even remembering painful memories to get rid of traumas. It is quick but powerful because it harnesses the incredible power of the subconscious, a power a million times stronger than the conscious mind.


  • The introduction day and a free part of the extended website with tools for full stress transformation, scientific background and sources, examples from our daily life and testimonials of working with The LOVE Method.
  • The core module, which you can follow in a four-day workshop, either live or online.
  • The thematical modules ‘connecting thinking’: two-day workshops, either live or online, during which the techniques for different life domains are taught: family, relationships, health, work, learning disabilities, addictions, traumas, business, spirituality, communication, high sensitivity...